In this collection, we showcase a selection of EJDR papers published between 2021 and now, offering a view of different aspects of China’s presence in international development, ranging from finance and trade, to migration and youth aspirations.

Chinese Aid Projects and Local Tax Attitudes: Evidence from Africa | The European Journal of Development Research (

Financing Constraints and Firm’s Productivity Under the COVID-19 Epidemic Shock: Evidence of A-Shared Chinese Companies | SpringerLink

Temporary Migration and Savings Rates: Evidence from China | SpringerLink

The Impact of China–Africa Trade on the Productivity of African Firms: Evidence from Ghana | SpringerLink

“We Have Many Options, But They are All Bad Options!”: Aspirations Among Internal Migrant Youths in Shanghai, China | SpringerLink

The Price of Aspirations: Education Migrants’ Pursuit of Higher Education in Hubei Province, China | SpringerLink