To promote some of the finest research and scholarship published in EJDR, we have compiled a list of the 5 most cited articles that the journal has published in the last 5 years. These articles are now freely available to download.

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Financial Globalisation Dynamic Thresholds for Financial Development: Evidence from Africa
by Simplice A Asongu, Lieven De Moor (Times cited: 94)

Thinning and Thickening: Productive Sector Policies in The Era of Global Value Chains
by Raphael Kaplinsky, Mike Morris (Times cited: 41)

From Global Value Chains (GVC) to Innovation Systems for Local Value Chains and Knowledge Creation
by Keun Lee, Marina Szapiro, Zhuqing Mao (Times cited: 36)

Value Chain Upgrading and the Inclusion of Smallholders in Markets: Reflections on Contributions of Multi-Stakeholder Processes in Dairy Development in Tanzania
by Catherine Kilelu, Laurens Klerkx, Amos Omore (Times cited: 33)

Frugal Innovation and Development: Aides or Adversaries?
by Peter Knorringa, Iva Peša, André Leliveld, Cees van Beers
(Times cited: 32)