To promote some of the finest research and scholarship published in EJDR, we have compiled a list of the 5 most cited articles that the journal has published. These articles are now freely available to download.

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What Do the Worldwide Governance Indicators Measure?
by M.A. Thomas (Times cited: 55)

China's Private Enterprises in Africa and the Implications for African Development,
by J. Gu (Times cited: 43)

Chinese FDI in Sub-Saharan Africa: Engaging with Large Dragons,
by R. Kaplinsky and M. Morris (Times cited: 31)

Chinese Migrants in Africa as New Agents of Development? An Analytical Framework,
by G. Mohan and M. Tan-Mullins (Times cited: 23)

Living Off Uncertainty: The Intelligent Animal Production of Dryland Pastoralists,
by S. Kratli and N. Schareika (Times cited: 15)