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These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.

Dismantling whiteness: Silent yielding and the potentiality of political suicide
Vincent Jungkunz
Contemporary Political Theory (2011) 10, 3–20.

Freedom of expression in an age of cartoon wars
Lars Tønder

Contemporary Political Theory (2011) 10, 255–272.
Interpreting and appropriating texts in the history of political thought: Quentin Skinner and poststructuralism

Tony Burns
Contemporary Political Theory (2011) 10, 313–331.

Dramatization as method in political theory
Iain Mackenzie and Robert Porter
Contemporary Political Theory (2011) 10, 482–501; advance online publication, 19 July 2011;

Left melodrama
Elisabeth Anker
Contemporary Political Theory (2012) 11, 130–152; advance online publication, 26 July 2011;

Making disability public in deliberative democracy
Stacy Clifford
Contemporary Political Theory (2012) 11, 211–228; advance online publication, 26 July 2011;

The quarrel between populism and republicanism: Machiavelli and the antinomies of plebeian politics
Miguel Vatter
Contemporary Political Theory (2012) 11, 242–263; advance online publication, 11 October 2011;

Capacity, claims and children's rights
Mhairi Cowden
Contemporary Political Theory (2012) 11, 362–380; advance online publication, 17 January 2012;

Democracy on the lam: Crisis, constitutionalism and extra-legality
Jennet Kirkpatrick
Contemp Polit Theory 11: 264–284; advance online publication, 20 September 2011;

Potentialities of human rights: Agamben and the narrative of fated necessity
Ayten Gündoğdu
Contemp Polit Theory 11: 2–22; advance online publication, 19 July 2011;