Currently there is one open call for papers:

Call for papers for a special issue on:

Convergence of Digital and Physical Worlds: Corporate Identity in the Age of the Metaverse

Guest editors:

Professor TC Melewar
Dr Pantea Foroudi
Prof Charles Dennis

As we transition into the era of the metaverse, corporate identity finds itself at the nexus of the digital and physical. This intertwining is evident not only in avatars and digital platforms but also in tangible facets such as building architecture, interior design, and environmental aesthetics. Colors, typography, symbols, and spatial designs are no longer constrained to one domain but now seamlessly span across both digital and real worlds. How, for instance, does an office's interior design harmonize with the aesthetics of the company virtual avatars?

By marrying the tangible with the intangible, we aim to present a comprehensive exploration of corporate identity. We welcome papers that span across topics including but not limited to:

  • Sensory techniques in corporate identity, such as aural, aroma, touch, and visual.
  • Cognitive vs. affective responses to brand stimuli.
  • Digital innovations in corporate identity and their ramifications.
  • The evolving landscape of branding in a B2B context.
  • The blurring boundaries between physical interiors and digital experiences.

Furthermore, in our rapidly changing world, we are particularly interested in submissions that address:

  • The synergy between architectural design and digital platforms.
  • How avatar designs reflect and resonate with corporate values.
  • The strategic and ethical considerations in navigating corporate identity in mixed realities.

Read the full call for papers here.

Submission deadline: 29th of June, 2024