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The Role of Internal Communication and Training in Infusing Corporate Values and Delivering Brand Promise: Singapore Airlines' Experience
Mark Chong

The Role of Corporate Reputation in Determining Investor Satisfaction and Loyalty
Sabrina Helm

Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Reputation: Two Interwoven Perspectives
Esther de Quevedo-Puente, Juan Manuel de la Fuente-Sabata, Juan Bautista Delgado-García

List of Lists: A Compilation of International Corporate Reputation Ratings

Charles J Fombrun

Protecting Organization Reputations during a Crisis: The Development and Application of Situational Crisis Communication Theory
W. Timothy Coombs

Essentials of Corporate Communication: Implementing Practices for Effective Reputation Management
Guido Berens

Images, Satisfaction and Antecedents: Drivers of Student Loyalty? A Case Study of a Norwegian University College
Øyvind Helgesen and Erik Nesset

Beyond Corporate Reputation: Managing Reputational Interdependence
Michael L. Barnett and Andrew John Hoffman

Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Reputation: Two Separate Concepts or Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Carola Hillenbrand and Kevin Money

The Role Concept in Corporate Branding and Stakeholder Management Reconsidered: Are Stakeholder Groups Really Different?
Lars Fiedler and Manfred Kirchgeorg

Impacts of Reputation for Quality on Perceptions of Company Responsibility and Product-related Dangers in times of Product-recall and Public Complaints Crises: Results from an Empirical Investigation
Guido Grunwald and Bernd Hempelmann

Reputation as a Driver in Activity Level Analysis: Reputation and Competitive Advantage in Knowledge Intensive Firms
Norman T Sheehan and Charles B Stabell

Collective Trust within Organizations: Conceptual Foundations and Empirical Insights
Roderick M Kramer

Leveraging Organizational Innovation for Strategic Reputation Management
Jeffrey L Courtright and Peter M Smudde