25 Years Since TRIPS: Patent Policy and IB

COVID-19 and International Business Policy

Global Value Chain-Oriented Policies

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Trade policies, firm strategies, and adaptive reconfigurations of global value chains
Gary Gereffi, Hyun-Chin Lim, Joonkoo Lee

State policies and upgrading in global value chains: A systematic literature review
Valentina De Marchi, Matthew Alford

The effect of institutional pressures on business-led interventions to improve social compliance among emerging market suppliers in global value chains
Anthony Goerzen, Simon Peter Iskander & Joerg Hofstetter

Value chain approaches to reducing policy spillovers on international business
Christopher Findlay & Bernard Hoekman

Value distribution and markets for social justice in global value chains: Interdependence relationships and government policy
Lilac Nachum

Understanding regional value chains through the interaction of public and private governance: Insights from Southern Africa’s apparel sector
Giovanni Pasquali, Shane Godfrey, Khalid Nadvi

Regional factors enabling manufacturing reshoring strategies: A case study perspective
Diletta Pegoraro, Lisa De Propris & Agnieszka Chidlow

Capturing value in GVCs through intangible assets: The role of the trade–investment–intellectual property nexus
Alexander Jaax & Sébastien Miroudot

The IO–PS in the context of GVC-related policymaking: The case of the South African automotive industry
Wouter G. Bam, Karolien De Bruyne, Mare Laing

Global value chains, import orientation, and the state: South Africa’s pharmaceutical industry
Rory Horner

Linking Malawi’s agricultural sector to global value chains: The case for community governance
Johanna Gammelgaard, Stine Haakonsson & Sine Nørholm Just

Grand Challenges in International Business Policy

Migrants, Migration Policies, and IB Research

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Separate but not equal: Toward a nomological net for migrants and migrant entrepreneurship
Lisa Jones Christensen, Arielle Badger Newman, Heidi Herrick & Paul Godfrey

Diaspora investment promotion via public–private partnerships: Case-study insights and IB research implications from the Succeed in Ireland initiative
Elena Poliakova, Liesl Riddle & Michael E. Cummings

Migrants, migration policies, and international business research: Current trends and new directions
Helena Barnard, David Deeds, Ram Mudambi & Paul M. Vaaler

Diaspora engagement institutions and venture investment activity in developing countries
Michael E. Cummings & Alan Gamlen

Human stickiness as a counterforce to brain drain: Purpose-driven behaviour among Tanzanian medical doctors and implications for policy
Ndikumana David Emmanuel, Maria Elo & Rebecca Piekkari

Skilled immigration to fill talent gaps: A comparison of the immigration policies of the United States, Canada, and Australia
Masud Chand, Rosalie L. Tung

Benefitting from immigration: The value of immigrants’ country knowledge for firm internationalization
Vera Kunczer, Thomas Lindner, Jonas Puck

Correction to: Benefitting from immigration: The value of immigrants’ country knowledge for firm internationalization
Vera Kunczer, Thomas Lindner, Jonas Puck

Unmanaged migration and the role of MNEs in reducing push factors and promoting peace: A strategic HRM perspective
Carol Reade, Mark McKenna, Jennifer Oetzel

Social influences in cross-border entrepreneurial migration policy
Daria Kautto

The Belt and Road Initiative: How Policy Changes Affect Global Competition and Cooperation for Multinational Enterprises in the New International Business Environment

The Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for MNEs?

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The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Can multinational enterprises lead the Decade of Action?
Rob Van Tulder, Suzana B. Rodrigues, Hafiz Mirza & Kathleen Sexsmith

Business alignment for the “Decade of Action”
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Lisa E. Sachs

Evidence-based policymaking and the wicked problem of SDG 5 Gender Equality
Lorraine Eden, M. Fernanda Wagstaff

Dynamic synergies between China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Donald J. Lewis, Xiaohua Yang, Diana Moise & Stephen John Roddy

Small- and medium-sized enterprises and sustainable development: In the shadows of large lead firms in global value chains
Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf R. Sinkovics & Jason Archie-Acheampong

Financial benefits of reimagined, sustainable, agrifood supply networks
Tracy Van Holt, Martin Delaroche, Ulrich Atz & Kevin Eckerle

Governance in energy democracy for Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges and opportunities for partnerships at the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
Jacobo Ramirez

Multinational enterprises and Sustainable Development Goals: A foreign subsidiary perspective on tackling wicked problems
Ru-Shiun Liou, Rekha Rao-Nicholson

More and better investment now! How unlocking sustainable and digital investment flows can help achieve the SDGs
Matthew Stephenson, Mohammed Faiz Shaul Hamid, Augustine Peter, Karl P. Sauvant, Adnan Seric & Lucia Tajoli

Investing in the Sustainable Development Goals: Mobilization, channeling, and impact
James X. Zhan, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino

Corporate uptake of the Sustainable Development Goals: Mere greenwashing or an advent of institutional change?
Addisu A. Lashitew