Thank you for your interest in publishing with us. Before submitting a full proposal, please first send a one page outline of your idea and rough timescale to our Managing Editor, Dr. Stevie Docherty at

When considering proposing a special issue to Digital War, please ensure your proposal is coherent and has a clear rationale for why this batch of papers should go together.

This will enable us to provide a relatively quick decision on whether to invite you to submit a full proposal or not (i.e. whether the idea fits with the scope of the journal) and also to indicate a timescale, should a full proposal be accepted.

If you have been invited to submit a full proposal then please read these guidelines carefully and provide all of the information requested.

Full proposals should be submitted at least 18 months before the proposed publication date. The final submission deadline for all and final content to be sent to our publishers (Palgrave Springer) is six months prior to the Issue date.

We usually publish all content earlier via online first before the publication of a full issue.

All proposals must include:

• Title of Special Issue

• Name(s), affiliation(s) and a short CV of the proposed editor(s).

• A rationale setting out the how the issue will speak to the journal’s aims and scope

How will this issue make an original and timely contribution to the field? Why now? Which readerships of the journal will it appeal to (primary and secondary)?

• Issue structure: What types of contributions are being proposed? We encourage contributors to be innovative in planning the issue. So, in addition to the traditional article form and an editorial, what other content will be included: commentary, round-table discussions, images?

• You may also wish to provide the book-review section on the same theme as the issue. Please let us know in the proposal if so, otherwise we will add our usual generic book reviews to the issue.

• Provide a list of the contributors and a paragraph each on their affiliation/biography, as well as the titles, abstracts, and lengths of their proposed contributions. Where a given author has published extensively on a subject already, please indicate the new and original contribution to be made by the proposed paper.

• Finally, what networks, organizations, conferences or other vehicles can you suggest through which the special issue could be marketed?

Other important information

The maximum extent of any special issue (including all content, references, bibliographies, biographies etc., but excluding book reviews) is 65,000 words. Images, tables and other figures will reduce the amount of words available. For example, each half page image or table would reduce the word space available by at least 325 words. The maximum extent includes the editorial.

Journal policy is that all research essays are blind-reviewed by a minimum of two independent referees. The selection of reviewers is at the discretion of the special issue editor(s), but we can of course send you a review request pro-forma. Please note that we will monitor the review process and reserve the right to intervene when necessary.

All permissions and author agreements including copyright (for example permissions if you plan to include any images) are the responsibility of the special issue editors to arrange.

Other information on process will be provided if your special issue proposal is accepted.

What happens now?

Your proposal will be sent out to at least one external reviewer.

Please send your proposal and any further questions you may have to: