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Highlights from ABM

We are pleased to share these recent articles from Asian Business and Management.

Dynamics of corporate social responsibility in Asia: Knowledge and norms; Rebecca Chunghee Kim, Jeremy Moon

Leveraging Asian institutions to deepen theory: A transaction cost perspective on relational governance; Jean-François Hennart

The cost of distance on subsidiary performance; Kevin K Boeh, Paul W Beamish

Institutional change versus resilience: A study of incorporation of independent directors in Singapore banks; Lai Si Tsui-Auch, Toru Yoshikawa

Researching international transfer of the Japanese-style management and production system: Hybrid factories in six continents; Tetsuo Abo​​​​​​​

Foreign subsidiaries’ internal and external R&D cooperation in South Korea: Explanatory factors and interaction; Axèle Giroud, Yoo Jung Ha, Mo Yamin

The competence creation of recently-formed subsidiaries in networked multinational corporations: Comparing subsidiaries in China and subsidiaries in industrialized countries; Feng Zhang, John A Cantwell, Guohua Jiang

International human resource management of Japanese multinational corporations: Challenges and future directions; Tomoki Sekiguchi, Fabian Jintae Froese, Chie Iguchi