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Highlights from ABM

We are pleased to share these recent articles from Asian Business and Management.

Challenges for foreign companies in China: implications for research and practice; Fabian Jintae Froese, Dylan Sutherland, Jeoung Yul Lee, Yipeng Liu, Yuan Pan

The distinctiveness and diversity of entrepreneurial ecosystems in China, Japan, and South Korea: an exploratory analysis; Martin Hemmert, Adam R. Cross, Ying Cheng, Jae-Jin Kim, Florian Kohlbacher, Masahiro Kotosaka, Franz Waldenberger, Leven J. Zheng

Family businesses from emerging markets and choice of entry mode abroad: insights from Indian firms; Laura Rienda, Enrique Claver, Diego Quer, Rosario Andreu

Poverty reduction through entrepreneurship: incentives, social networks, and sustainability; Jie Wu, Steven Si

Business ecosystem research agenda: more dynamic, more embedded, and more internationalized; Ke Rong, Yong Lin, Boyi Li, Thommie Burtrö, Lynne Butel, Jiang Yu

Institutional isomorphism and Chinese private corporate philanthropy: state coercion, corruption, and other institutional effects; Zongshi Chen, Douglas B. Fuller, Lu Zheng

Internationalization and performance of Korean SMEs: the moderating role of competitive strategy; Jaeyoung Cho, Jangwoo Lee

Ethical leadership and employee pro-social rule-breaking behavior in China; Jinqiang Zhu, Shiyong Xu, Kan Ouyang, David Herst, Elaine Farndale