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Corporate social responsibility has emerged as a major field of inquiry in business and management. While much of this research has taken place in the context of Western economies, there is a substantial body of works exploring how CSR manifests itself in Asia and how local contingencies, such as institutional differences, affect CSR behaviors and outcomes. Accordingly, a recent review by Kim and Moon (2015, see below) found more than 600 articles on CSR in Asia published between 2000 and 2014.

Asian Business & Management has a long-standing interest in the topic, starting with a piece by Kanji Tanimoto in 2004. To make the insights of these works more widely visible and available, we have brought them together in this Virtual Collection. While especially the later articles provide general theoretical insights into CSR and its contingencies, we present them by main geography studied.

Michael A. Witt

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia: an ABM Collection: Table of Contents

Reviews and General Articles

Dynamics of corporate social responsibility in Asia: Knowledge and norms

The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility


Beyond McDonald's CSR in China: Corporation perspective and report from case studies on a damaged employment reputation

Corporate social responsibility in China: Between the market and the search for a sustainable growth development


Business process outsourcing industry in India: Additional benefits of a CSR approach

Corporate social responsibility through knowledge leadership in India: ITC Ltd and Y.C. Deveshwar


An evaluation of support infrastructures for corporate responsibility reporting in Indonesia


Corporate social responsibility in Japan: Family and non-family business differences and determinants

Productive inefficiency analysis and toxic chemical substances in US and Japanese manufacturing sectors

To what extent may sites of death be tourism destinations? The cases of Hiroshima in Japan and Struthof in France

CSR and inter-organisational network management of corporate groups: Case study on environmental management of Sekisui House Corporation Group

Collective hyperopia and dualistic natures of corporate social responsibility in Japanese companies

Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A New Perspective on the Structure of Relationships

Changes in the Market Society and Corporate Social Responsibility


Why corporate social responsibility (CSR) remains a myth: The case of the Philippines

South Korea

Do ethical companies have lower implied cost of equity capital? Evidence from the Korean stock market


The board of directors and corporate social performance under weak institutions

Corporate social responsibility performance in family and non-family firms: The perspective of socio-emotional wealth

Multiple Countries

Rice price volatility: Sustainable policies in Asia and Europe