Mental Health Awareness

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Join us in Recognising Stress and Mental Illness

During May 2018, we are acknowledging the importance of mental health awareness in correlation with the below events.

In light of these initiatives, we have brought together a selection of multidisciplinary books and journals which examine the issues surrounding mental health. 

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Explore the latest research in mental health - access free chapters from selected titles until Sunday 10th June.

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Palgrave Journals

To help raise awareness for mental health, Palgrave Journals brings together a selection of recent articles which cover a number of relevant topics.

These articles are free to read until Sunday 10th June 2018.

Social Theory & Health

Contemporary public perceptions of psychiatry: some problems for mental health professions


Therapeutic governmentality and biopower in a Canadian mental health court

Journal of Public Health Policy​​​​​​​

Healing invisible wounds and rebuilding livelihoods: Emerging lessons for combining livelihood and psychosocial support in fragile and conflict-affected settings


Racism, Migration, and Mental Health. Theoretical Reflections from Belgium ​​​​​​

Other Journals of Interest

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Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society (PCS) is an international journal of clinical and academic relevance exploring the intersection between psychoanalysis and the social world.

The journal is of primary interest to psychoanalytically informed scholars in the social and political sciences, media, cultural and literary studies, and to clinicians and practitioners concerned to explore the relationship between the social and the psychic.

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The American Journal of Psychoanalysis (AJP) features a broad range of contemporary theoretical, clinical, professional and cultural concepts of psychoanalysis and presents related investigations in allied fields.

It is a fully peer-reviewed journal, which welcomes psychoanalytic papers from all schools of thought that address the interests and concerns of scholars and practitioners of psychoanalysis and contribute meaningfully to the understanding of human experience. 

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