Type of submissions

The Journal welcomes submissions from both professionals and academics. Submissions from practitioners can be in the form of case studies, new approaches and techniques, empirical research, conceptual thinking, or any other material of relevance to place branding and/or public diplomacy professionals. These submissions can be more descriptive (and less analytic) of current practice and need not display in-depth knowledge of previous academic work in the field. The Journal also welcomes traditionally-styled academic papers which will be expected to display a sound knowledge of previous work in the area and some original research content. All papers must make clear their implications for practice.

All ‘full’ papers should ideally be between 5,000 and 7,500 words in length including notes; however, the Journal also welcomes shorter articles, advanced and original student work and ‘think pieces’.

Address for submissions

Authors should submit papers via the Editorial Manager online submission system at the link below. Please make sure that the article file does not contain any information identifying the author(s).

Editorial Manager for Place Branding


We do not charge authors to submit papers.

Review procedure

All contributions sent to the Publisher, whether invited or not, will be submitted to the Journal's Editors and Editorial Board. Any such contribution must bear the author's full name and address, even if this is not for publication.

All 'full' papers submitted for publication will be subject to a double-blind refereeing procedure, unless they are submitted by invitation. Authors should be aware that papers submitted to the Journal should not be simultaneously submitted for review to any other publications, unless they have been submitted by invitation.

Reviewers who complete a review will be granted 1 month online access to the journal.