The Editors of Journal of Brand Management are seeking papers for forthcoming issues, and are particularly keen to encourage submissions in the following research areas:

  • How companies manage their brands
  • The techniques and initiatives used by agencies and consultants
  • Case studies which explore practical experiences
  • Models and theories used in brand management practice
  • Applied research from institutions

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Special Issue Proposals

The Journal of Brand Management regularly publishes themed Special Issues. If you would like to submit a proposal for the Journal’s consideration, please complete the proposal form and send it to

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Call for Papers: Brands & Activism

Guest Editors: Klement Podnar and Urša Golob

The Journal of Brand Management (JBM) invites submission of papers for consideration in a Special Issue focused on brands and activism. The aim is to explore how the activism in its various forms continues to alter brand management practices and stakeholder attitudes towards brands, as well as to identify associated challenges and opportunities. It specifically wants to investigate a various form of stakeholders’ activism in regard to different types of brands. It also seeks to examine numerous consumer/stakeholder responses on brand activism, which companies are trying to implement. It wants to focus on brands participating in political/social activism or being target of it.

Papers should have an explicit activism and brand management orientation and should outline the theoretical and/or practical implications derived from their research. Papers should also be relevant to the wider global readership of the Journal of Brand Management. The special issue welcomes rigorous, thoughtful and insightful papers covering the above, including those derived from empirical research (qualitative, quantitative and case study research).

The SI submission option will open in the above system on 15th January 2022.

The closing date for submissions: 25th February 2022.

Read the full call for papers here.