Sustainable Pricing and Revenue Optimization for Growing Business and Economies

Guest Editors
Dr. Neha Gupta Assistant Professor, Amity School of Business, AUUP

Dr. Mohini Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Amity School of Business, AUUP

Dr. Pratibha Garg, Assistant Professor, Amity School of Business, AUUP

Prof. (Dr.) J. K. Sharma, Acting Head & Professor, Amity School of Business, AUUP

This special issue will uncover the stimulus for innovative and sustainable business solutions concerning pricing, capacity management, demand forecasting, inventory management, market segmentation, channel management, business process management, consumer behaviour and customer relation management with objective of profit maximization. It will cover multi disciplines such as management science, marketing, human resource management, economics, information technology, analytics and finance and accounting.

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Submission of abstracts

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Abstract submission date: 30th September 2020

Full paper submission date: 31st December 2020

Pricing and Revenue Management in a World of Offer Optimisation

Guest Editor
Dieter Westermann, VP Revenue Management, Etihad Airways

Research is already being conducted into topics like dynamic bundling, continuous pricing, ancillary pricing, classless revenue management and dynamic personalization of the offer, as well as into how the various parts of an offer can be best presented to a buyer.

Some of the topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Continuous pricing: How to distinguish different customer segments? How to determine willingness-to-pay? Which additional information, that becomes available as part of a real-time shopping process, can be used to improve optimisation results? What is the best approach to map continuous price points to the limited infrastructure of booking classes during a transition period?
  • Dynamic Bundling: What defines the best value proposition of a product bundle? Bundle versus a-la-carte? How many additional items, either part of the bundle or a-la-carte, will still generate incremental revenue
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Which methods really help to improve revenue? How are they to be applied to achieve the expected outcome? How can they best be integrated into a real-time shopping process?

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Deadline for submission for abstracts: 1st July 2020

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Special Issue: Revenue Management in Sports, Live Entertainment and Arts

Guest Editors
Mihai Banciu, Bucknell University, USA; email;
Andreas Hinterhuber, Ca' Foscari University, Italy; email;
Frederik Odegaard, Ivey Business School, Canada; email;

The purpose of this special issue is to stimulate, advance and broaden the theoretical and empirical analytics of Revenue Management within sports, live entertainment and arts. We consider arts more broadly, including visual and auditory exhibitions, and not just limited to performing arts. Furthermore, we hope this special issue will provide an impetus for new business solutions regarding pricing, forecasting, and capacity management.

We strive for the special issue to reflect the diverse and multidisciplinary aspect of contemporary RM, from management science models to managerial case studies to empirical data-driven studies, and invite all interested scholars and industry professionals to submit their work.

Deadline for one page abstract: November 25th, 2019

For further details, please see the full call for papers.

Special Issue: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning in Travel

Guest Editor
Ben Vinod, Senior Vice President, Sabre; email;

The purpose of this special issue is to showcase how the travel industry is improving customer experiences and industry profits by using AI. All travel related topics in the areas of process automation, cognitive insight, and cognitive engagement will be considered. (See Thomas Davenport and Rajeev Ronanki, “Artificial Intelligence for the Real World, “ Harvard Business Review, Jan/Feb 2018.)

The focus of this special issue will be on core marketing planning functions that use both structured and unstructured data to solve problems in:

  • Airline pricing and revenue management
  • Next generation distribution, including bundles, packages, personalization, optimizing screen real estate, website design
  • Test and learn experimentation models

Deadline for Abstract/Proposal: September 30th, 2019

For further details, see the full Call for Papers.

Special Issue: Organizing for pricing and commercial excellence

Guest Editors
Dr. Stephan Liozu, Case Western Reserve University; e-mail:
Dr. Andreas Hinterhuber, Ca' Foscari University Venice; e-mail:

Compared to other salient aspects of marketing, our understanding of what constitutes excellence in organizing the pricing function is arguably shallow. To cite a few examples, we know little about how to configure the pricing function so as to increase overall firm performance, we know little about the origins and evolution of pricing capabilities, we know little about pricing metrics and about psychological or behavioral traits of effective pricing managers.

Deadline for submission: December 1st, 2019

For further details, see the full Call for Papers.