Book Discounts

© Wavebreakmedia Ltd, Getty ImagesBook editors/authors are entitled to order eBooks and print books (for personal use) at a special discount! 

You will be registered as an author and will receive your discount automatically when you purchase a book in our webshop on SpringerLink.  

In some cases authors may not be listed in our databases. Kindly request your author discount via the request form. The time between submitting the request and receiving your discount should generally not take longer than two working days. 

If you are a journal article author, Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board Member, you can also benefit from the book discount by filling out this form.

Author discount and additional discounts

In many cases the author discount can be combined with other discounts, so that everyone can benefit from our special offers. However, 50% discount campaigns are excluded. For details, please review the conditions of each coupon you receive carefully.

In case of any questions with your order as a Palgrave author click here.