The Publishing Process

Publishing a book is an exciting and monumental achievement. On this page you can find links to useful forms, templates and answers to frequently asked questions about the publishing process.

An overview of the publishing process:

  1. Submission: Once you’ve submitted your book proposal, sample material, and CV to a Palgrave editor, your editor will contact you to discuss it.
  2. Peer Review: Your editor will send your proposal and accompanying material to qualified scholars in your field of research for peer review. 
  3. Author Response: When the review is complete, your editor will send it to you and invite a formal response from you.
  4. Board Approval: With the original proposal, sample material, review, and response in hand, your editor will present the book to our Editorial Board for approval to publish.
  5. Contract: You will receive an offer letter followed by a contract with an agreed upon delivery date of your final manuscript. After signing the contract, your editorial contact will send you more information about preparing your work for publication and our Manuscript Guidelines or Textbook Manuscript Guidelines.
  6. Production: Deliver your final manuscript along with supplementary rights and permissions forms and your book will be handed over to the production department for cover design, copyediting, proofreading, and binding.
  7. Publication: Your book is brought to the world in print and eBook format!
  8. After Publication: For more information on the tools and features available to authors post-publication, please find our Author Services page.

Our editors are here to provide support and guidance throughout the publishing process. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!