Mid-Career Scholars' Hub

We strive to provide continual support to scholars throughout their career.

Mid-career scholars are under a lot of pressure. They are expected to research, write, teach, publish, and provide services to the field—all at the same time. As a publisher, we want to publish the very best new research, but we also see it as part of our role to support our authors and editors as their careers develop. This progression can cause a number of challenges, expectations and requirements for scholars. This hub offers resources and advice from our veteran authors and editors to give mid-career scholars insight into the publishing activities that this particular career stage requires. We have identified a number of these through author interviews and the experiences of our editors, and have collated a selection of resources, which we hope will help guide mid-career scholars through these challenges. The advice below comes not just from our own editorial team, but also from a number of our authors who have graciously agreed to share their experiences and advice, and includes information on editing a collection of essays, peer review best practices, how to optimise impact, and interdisciplinary writing.